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Candle Pouring Class

Class dates are indicated with a blue dot on calendar below:


Step One:

Start smelling! You’ll be encouraged to smell all of our sample fragrances. There are over 100+ scents for you to try. Even scents you think you might not enjoy shouldn’t be counted out until you’ve actually opened the sample candle and given it a chance. Write down your favorite fragrances on the paper provided to you.


Step Two:

Choose a vessel.  We have approximately ten vessel options to choose from ranging from mason jars to sleek modern vessels to ceramic pots.  We have something to fit in with any home décor. 


Step Three:

Once you’ve identified a handful of scents you like and chosen a vessel, take a seat at the counter and we will help you narrow it down to 2-3 fragrances that will compliment each other. You’ll be encouraged to smell the combination to ensure it’s something you’d like burning in your home. 


Step Four:

Let's pour! You will then mix, stir, and pour your own candle!  The last step is to name your candle and create a custom label.


The entire candle making process takes about 60 minutes and that could vary based on how long you spend picking out your scents. Once your candle is poured you must wait 90 minutes before you can take it home. If you would like to take your candle home the same day, please plan to shop our store, grab dinner or drinks in downtown Beulah, or have a cup of coffee with us and then retrieve your cooled candle before heading home.  You can also come back the following business day to pick up your creation.



5:14 Candles at Evergreen Mercantile makes an excellent, out-out-of-the-box, spot for a date night or a girls’ night out with friends. For $35 you can create a custom creation that will fill your home with the fragrances you love.

All classes are held at Evergreen Mercantile in Beulah, Michigan. 

Due to the size and nature of our studio, reservations are required.